About us

Foresight Recruitment was founded by two successful recruitment entrepreneurs. They share the same craftsmanship and passion for recruitment & executive search and share combined over 25 years of experience in the industry. They experienced great results by not only focussing on matching skills and competencies, but moreover also focusing on culture, purpose, mission & vision.

By focusing on these aspects on top of skills & competencies, they noticed greater success in the short but especially long term. At Foresight Recruitment we combine these practices, with our 25 years of industry knowledge in the digital, creative and sales industries, which is our competitive advantage.

Meet our team

Frank Houtkamp

Managing Partner

Frank is known for his ability to consult his clients on the best practices for hiring the perfect match, all the while providing professionals with an exceptional candidate experience. Frank’s aim is to do this in a light-hearted and humorous way, while always treating the process with delicate hands and the respect it deserves.

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Robert de Haas

Managing Partner

Robert is a well known individual in the world of recruitment, with profound experience in recruiting in several niches, such as IT, Sales, Digital and Creative. Robert gets great pleasure from bringing together like-minded professionals that benefit, grow and flourish in each other’s company.

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Our Values

Foresight Recruitment embraces a set of values that we take into consideration in everything that we do, especially in the way we treat ourself and others. It inspires us to hold ourselves to a higher standard and live up to those values, by continuously learning and growing in line with these values.