Christopher Müller

Christopher has an international background, being of German and Danish nationality, and has spent many years in various countries across Europe and Asia, of which the last 10 years in Amsterdam.

Adaptability, flexibility and an understanding of local culture, business and mindsets has always been a key interest for him and has proven beneficial in adapting to the challenges of recruiting for demanding positions on a local and international scale..

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Data and technology and the positive impact these can have on an organization and its output has always fascinated Christopher. Be it in the form of Smart Farming, Sales or CRM Strategies – there’s always room for improvement based on data and insights. This interest led to Christopher introducing a successful new expertise in data-driven marketing positions at a niche recruitment agency, as well as later introducing the international Recruitment & Executive Search brand “PAWLIK Recruiters” in the Netherlands as Managing Partner.

Christopher enjoys connecting technology and data-driven specialists with growing companies and advising on structuring and expansion of teams to achieve the ultimate goal of any company; healthy and sustainable growth. To do so, he maintains a strong focus on the human aspect of recruiting, looking not only at hard-skills and cv’s as a measure of success, but also the competencies and aspirations within a person, matching them with a company’s vision, mission and culture.